Burleighs Marilyn Monroe Pink Gin

Burleighs Marilyn Monroe Pink Gin (70cl) – 40% ABV

Pink in appearance, the Marilyn Monroe Gin is a floral and delicate creation distilled with Japanese cherry blossom, hibiscus, rose and pink grapefruit. The bottle design features iconic images of Marilyn Monroe including the legendary “white dress” photo.

Distilled in their beautiful copper pot still, the careful sourcing of ingredients and the great skill of the distiller combine to create a smooth and elegant finish.

With Zesty, floral to the fore their pink gin delivers a well-balanced palate of sweet hibiscus, cherry blossom and intense pink grapefruit zest.  The long and smooth finish results in an elegant gin perfect for mixing.

Burleighs Marilyn Monroe Pink Gin


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