British Honey Smoked Honey Bourbon


The bourbon is aged for 18 months in White American Oak Barrels and finished at the British Honey distillery in England by their award-winning Master Distiller, Jamie Baggott. In England, the Bourbon is stored for 3 months in once-used bourbon casks to pick up a new level of char, deeper colour and develop further the oak spice, vanilla and caramel notes. Before bottling, they finish with Cotswold water and infuse with smoked 100% British Honey from their hives. The beautifully balanced sweetness of honey with a hint of campfire smoke on the palate. 

APPEARANCE: Deep amber colour
Tasting: A lively entry with spice, that melts into a very smooth mixture of fresh and dried fruit. Oak spice, Vanilla and caramel notes.

British Honey Smoked Honey Bourbon


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